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Domestic Cleaning Checklist

Posted by on Sep 4, 2016 in House Cleaning Tricks and Tips |

Domestic cleaning checklistWhether you are married, single, and/or pets, keeping the home clean is sometimes an almost impossible job. When you’re being pulled in all directions because of other obligations, you might not have the energy or time to clean your home on a regular basis. A big solution would be for you to hire an expert cleaning service like London Clean Ltd – carpet cleaners, however if you choose to clean your home yourself, then create a checklist of places to tidy-up like: floors, kitchen, bathrooms, baseboards, oven, windows, drawers and shelves. The checklist has to be used as a fast-cleaning guide for regularly cleaning the visible as well as the most utilized areas of the house.

The list below is a room by room method to assist you quickly cleans your entire home.

• Family and Living Rooms – Begin the cleaning in the most visible place of your home. This is normally the family or living room. Start by picking up any kind of clutter on the furniture or floors and put it in closets, drawers, or even its right place. Next, wipe glass surfaces down with glass cleaner as well as use furniture cleaner to wipe down the furniture too. Dust all blinds, furniture, shades, ceiling fans and window coverings.

• Bedrooms – Pick any clutter up and put it in baskets, drawers, or even a closet. You can also remake the bed(s) and then replace dirty linens with the ones that are clean. Vacuum the whole room, move any furniture or chairs that you can see around the carpet or floor underneath. You can then finish the room by just dusting all visible areas, dust fans, remove debris, pictures and mirrors.

• Kitchen – Begin firstly by picking all clutter up from the counter cabinets, tops, floor and table. Next, wipe down the counter-tops, appliances and also cabinets with the right all-purpose cleaner. Clean the sink by just loading all types of dirty dishes in your dish washer and wipe down your sink as well. Finish by simply mopping the floor with the right cleaner.

• Bathrooms – Make use of glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the, sink, mirror, vanity, and bathtub or shower. Next, you can scrub the toilet bowl using a brush and wipe the top down and outside the toilet using a towel and also all-purpose cleaner too. Wipe the sink and even fixtures with a cleaner and towel. Then, wipe down the bathtub or shower with a cleaner and towel.

The above domestic cleaning checklist to clean your house in only 30 minutes includes the areas which are really the most visible, some other areas like a garage or basements should be cleaned on a regular basis as well.

How to Remove Pet Odour From Carpet

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Stains |

Carpet Odour RemovalPets are always an adoring addition to any home, but sometimes they can easily mess up your house carpets. Stains like dog and cat urine can be problematic since it can cause odour and stains that contain bacteria and germs leading to illness. Here is a guide on how to remove pet odour from your carpet:

1. Use Washing Machine

If you have a soft machine washable carpet, then you might decide to wash it to remove odour. However, you must check for care label before washing it on a machine. When you use a washing machine to clean your carpet, you will be able to remove bad smells of pets easily and quick. In addition, you can remove any rugs, cushion covers, pillowcases, and duvet covers – on which your pet has been lying. You should ensure that you wash them with a high quality detergent.

2. Use Baking Soda

You can use a baking soda when you have soft furnishings that are not suitable for washing machine. Believe me or not, research has shown that baking soda is an excellent odour remover in the house. It has high absorbent properties, which draw the odours easily out of fabrics, leaving them smelling fresh and great. How should you do it? Sprinkle small amount of baking soda over a smelly area before allowing it to rest for few hours, if possible overnight. You should clean it in the morning; you will remove odour leaving it smelling clean and fresh.

3. Using Pet odour removal sprays

The market has many sprays that you can buy to remove odour in your house. However, you must do research on the best ones sold in the market. Ultimately, you will find those sprays that are capable of killing any germs or bacteria that have been transferred from your pet’s paws to the floors. You can get help from experts before buying these sprays from the market.

4. Apply Odour-eating vinegar

When you want to eliminate unpleasant urine smells or odour from carpets, you can use a solution of 50:50 ratio of warm water and white vinegar. You should pour it onto affected area before allowing it to soaks through your carpet. You should wash the affected areas with cool water until all vinegar has been rinsed out. You will not only make your carpet clean and fresh but also remove the odour.

In conclusion, the above is a simple guide on how to remove pet odour from your carpet. But if nothing helps, try carpet cleaning Enfield.

DIY Mattress Cleaning – These Easy Ways To Do It

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Cleaning |

DIY mattress cleaning tips.Although most people think the stand out when it comes to personal hygiene, many will admit that a blind eye is often turn when it comes to mattress cleaning. Ironically, humans perspire around 0.5 pint of sweat every night. Considering we sleep 1/3 of our lives horizontally on a mattress, it is clear that the mattress will harbor stains, body liquid and dirt just like any other piece of bedding. However, mattress cleaning London is never considered quite a lot especially since we lay bed covers and sheets on top.

What’s more, foam mattresses (the most popular) and others are not water-friendly and take long to dry besides the obvious drop in quality after each wet-water cleaning session. Unfortunately, none of these is enough as mattresses can host mites, bugs, allergens and protein stain. It is therefore important to learn how to keep your mattress clean without damaging it.

Things to Do

Mattress cleaning is simple and takes a very short time. Some of the steps involved in cleaning a mattress include the following:

Vacuuming – A vacuum cleaner will remove dust, dirt and dead skin cells among other grime that is loosely smeared on the mattress. It will also such in all small insects and bugs. While you vacuum the mattress, remember to rotate it clockwise each season to allow weight distribution and even aging.

Stain and spot cleaning – Stains such as grime, protein, tannin and grease should be cleaned off as soon as they are noticed. Use a pressing (rather than circular) motion to prevent the dirt from spreading around. Use a cool wet cloth to remove the stains and then complete with dry cloth to blot out the excess moisture.

Deodorizing – As you continue to get your mattress dirty, you will realize it starts to develop your scent. Deodorizing is the best way to counter any dirt scent after cleaning. Simply apply baking soda on the mattress, leave for about thirty minutes and vacuum clean. This does not remove stains; you can add essential oils to enjoy the lovely scents a couple of nights.


There are various other minor things to do in ensuring your mattress remains clean. Deep cleaning and steam cleaning are available options but these methods need professionals who have access to top extraction cleaning equipment. It is generally advisable to apply cover and protect your mattress from staining in the first place. If it gets wet, assist dry times by exposing them to fans or airing out in the sun. Make sure you allow even thinning and contact professionals in case of bugs.

Steam Cleaners – Remedy For Your Cleaning Needs

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in Carpet Cleaning Advice |

Top tips on cleaning a carpet!Many a times carpets get discoloured, dirty and mucky. This is one when you would require a rug cleaner. Many a times, hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning Hackney company may not give you what you expected. Having invested your money in authentic and expensive rugs, it is imperative that you also take care of these proud possessions by also investing in good quality carpet cleaners.

Vacuum Cleaner

The simplest of carpet cleaners is the vacuum cleaner which can be carried from one place to another. Read the instructions carefully on how to use it. Regular usage of a vacuum cleaner would ensure that your carpet remains dirt and stain free.

Portable Cleaning Extractors

Portable cleaning extractors are another form of rug cleaners. They are more effective and are an extended version of the normal vacuum cleaning system. It extracts dirt and dust deep from the fibers of the carpet. Firstly, the solution is sprayed on the dirty area, so that the dirt and stains loosen up and then it is cleaned. The equipment is an expensive one and if you do not have the budget for the same, you could hire the same.

There are portable carpet steam cleaners which are quite popular. These machines are quite effective and one needs to use them only twice a year. Carpet cleaners come in varied forms just like the variety in cleaning equipment. Using good quality carpet cleaners is sure to keep your carpets cleaner for a long time. The steps involved in excellent comprise of cleaning the carpet with the pile lifter, using directional cleaner etc. The pile lifter is a vacuum cleaner which has a strong motor and the carpet gets rid of loose particles of hair, soil and sand.

Professional Treatment

In Bi directional carpet cleaning, the machine spins in a clockwise manner. You flip the switch and it spins counter clockwise. It is ideal for walk areas where the entire area is cleaned in minutes. Ideally, a shampoo is used for cleaning such areas. The chemicals used in these carpet cleaners are fabric friendly and it cleans the carpet effectively without destroying the smoothness of the carpet. The solution should be left on the rug for some time so that the particles of soil are suspended completely.

The carpet is now completely prepared for the last cleaning phase which is referred to as truck mounted steam rug cleaning. The process involves producing heat of about 270 degrees. The solution helps to get rid of tough and rigid stains and this final step which most of the carpet cleaning companies resort to. In fact, many of the consumers are not bothered about the procedure of cleaning the rugs. What they are more concerned about is that their carpets have to look neat and clean.

5 Awesome House Cleaning Hacks

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in House Cleaning Tricks and Tips |

House cleaning hacks.Cleaning your home can only be fun when you are introduced to some tricks which you may have never heard of. You can spend several hours trying to clean your home only to find out later that you either spend more time than needed or you did little after all. Home cleaning experts are available but before they can come to your rescue, you need to be the genius in the house by coming up with some cleaning hacks which will get you some praise from pals.

Well, having that said you can try the following 5 Awesome House Cleaning Hacks which will come in handy at your home.

1. Packing Tape as a Dust Remover

There are several items in your home which can be full of dust but you simply ignore because they are unreachable or you assume they won’t get dusty. How can you get rid of dust inside a cabinet that is small in size? How often do you whip out dust from your speakers or lampshades? Packing tape has a strong adhesive nature which can be used to get rid of dust from such stuffs by putting it on the item and then pull back.

2. Carpet Cleaning with Dry Squeegee

You are used to vacuuming your carpet but the problem is that fur can hide inside its fibers. The vacuum machine may also hide hair on its brush roll and this cause damage to your rug. To avoid this while doing carpet cleaning all you need is to use a squeegee which has a rubber that can never hurt your carpet’s fur but will just collect the clump which you can then dispose easily. If nothing helps, hire carpet cleaning Lewisham team immediately!

3. Using Shaving Cream to Get Rid of Unwanted Stains in Upholstery

If there is a stain in your upholstery that can’t be removed by ordinary detergent, you can try using a shaving cream. Just apply it upon the spot, wait for about 20 minutes then clean it out with a damp cloth.

4. Get Rid of Stains from Storage Containers

You often trust your dishwasher when cleaning your storage containers but sometime there are those stains which can’t get away. Why don’t you clean them with dish soap manually then dry them without rinsing on the sun? The sun does offer natural bleaching which can act as a remedy for the stain.

5. Washing a Blender Safely

Washing a blender can sometime be risky especially when handling the blades. To avoid that, just put your detergent on the appliance and warm water then switch it on for 5 minutes. You can then rinse thereafter.

Now it’s about fun times when doing your home cleaning endeavors; thanks to the above cleaning hacks.

How to Clean Your Home Carpet

Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Cleaning |

CarpetA carpet not only complements the appearance of a house but it also makes it warm and colorful. However, a carpet that is stained and dirty can cause serious health problem both to people living in the house as well as pets. It is therefore very important to ensure that your carpet is always clean. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to make carpet cleaning London easier.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is by vacuuming it regularly. A vacuum cleaner actually helps to suck dirt within the carpet fiber leaving it clean. It also helps to eliminate odor leaving the carpet smelling fresh. Vacuum cleaning is mostly recommended to people with pets such as cats and dogs. Experts recommend that vacuuming should be done slowly and at least once a week.

2. Deep Clean

If the stains are too deep and tough to eliminate even after using a vacuum cleaner it is recommended that you use deep cleaning method to eliminate those stains. This means that you have to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine that uses hot water and chemicals to wash the fiber of the carpet. A carpet cleaning machine will ensure that all stubborn dirt are eliminated.

3. DIY Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning works by injecting a solution into the carpet pile then dirt is pulled back into the machine. Steam cleaning is also a very effective way of cleaning carpet at home. However, to avoid the hustle of dragging a hose around the house, it is recommended that you buy or use a model that does not require clean water hookup. You need to be very careful when using this method to clean your carpet. Do not over wet the carpet because it can damage the carpets underlayment and backing causing shrinking, odor and discoloration.

4. Eliminate Odours

After cleaning the carpet you need to ensure that it smells fresh by removing odors. There are various methods that you can use to eliminate odors from your carpet. First, you can use a mixture of baking soda, cornmeal and borax. The scold and most commonly used method is the use of vinegar and water. Vacuuming can also help to eliminate odors from the carpet leaving it clean.

5. Let It Dry

Most people don’t allow their carpet to dry completely. If you start using your carpet if it is not completely dry, it will develop stains that will be very hard to eliminate. In addition to that, it will emit odor that will make everyone around uncomfortable. It is therefore very important to allow your carpet to dry completely before you start using it.